July 14, 2017

Episode 37 - Biologic Pest Control Using Predators with Tracey Payton Miller, Extension Specialist from Cleveland County Extension, plus our OSU-OKC Farmers Market and Garden Roundtable

If you have never heard of an aphid mummy, you need to hear this show! Cleveland County Extension Specialist and OSU graduate student Tracey Payton Miller shares her ongoing active research on aphid control with predatory insects. Amazing info on the overall concept of integrated pest management, preferences of different aphids and predators, and recommendations that are ready for use by greenhouse managers and useful for gardeners as well. Science fiction has nothing on actual real life insect and plant relationships!

In our OSU-OKC farmers market and garden roundup, we have such a contrast between summer crops finally coming in while the greenhouse is getting ready for the winter poinsettia sale!  Plus, Janet Stricklin joins us with information on our new floral design classes in cooperation with the Oklahoma State Floral Association.

Hope you enjoy!


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